Together, we are joyfully subverting the self-serving elitism of science.

A curated community of brilliance in knowledge-making

We are building an open, neighbor-to-neighbor, life-long network of the most talented individuals in research, one participant at a time.

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Whether you have no idea what ‘knowledge-making’ is, or have created your own study protocols, Glenride will help you learn what you need to know to participate in building a more equitable and inclusive future.

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Entirely free for anyone to join at any time

We intend to help you ask better questions, rather than to provide ready-made answers.

Glenride is a global network of knowledge-makers dedicated to actively embracing new ideas—shaping the future for themselves, for their families, for all of us.

Our question is: how can we understand the entire range of issues affecting local communities?

And one possible question for you is: how can I participate in a way that honors my gifts, and who I really am?

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Our answer is: build a research community where people come to trust, through first-hand experience, that we can learn together how to heal our societal divides.

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