Talk You Don’t Have To Be An Expert In Everything To Be A Great Creative Strategist

There’s a misconception that many people hold on to, and it’s keeping them from sharing their expertise with the very people who need it most.

Do you feel like you don’t know enough, aren’t experienced enough, or like you need a “certification” to be a creative strategist?

While there are some (usually those selling the high-priced certification programs) who will tell you that all of that is true, it’s really not. The fact is, everyone, in every level of life and business can use the help of someone who has “been there and done that.” So even if you feel your experience is limited, you’re far ahead someone who is just starting out.

Not only that, but those “newbies” or even “intermediates” really will not benefit from hiring a top-level strategist, elite strategist – even if they have the money to spend. The techniques and proposals will be beyond their capabilities, simply because someone just starting out won’t have the background to understand more complex theories.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you’re a new online business owner. You know who your market is. You’ve created a digital product. It’s beautifully designed and ready to go, but you have no clue how to actually market it.

Would it make sense for you to hire a creative strategist who helps plan million-dollar high-profile launches? You might think so (we all want a million-dollar launch, after all) but the fact is, you don’t yet have the infrastructure to pull it off, no matter who your strategist is. You don’t have a huge email list; you don’t have a ready list of influential partners; you don’t even have an affiliate program yet.

What you need right now is a creative strategist who can help you build those things, and that creative strategist might just be someone who was in your place just a year or two ago and has solved the problems you’re currently facing. What you don’t need is a top-end, elite strategist who flies in for a VIP day at a cost of $20,000 plus.

Position Yourself in Just the Right Place

As you can see – not everyone needs or wants the strategist who knows everything. Your dream client is the one who can benefit from your expertise, right now, just the way you are. So, don’t make the mistake of thinking you don’t know enough or have enough experience to be of value to someone else.

Remember this: Even a grade-school student is an expert to a toddler. There is always someone working her way through where you were just a short time ago, and she’s the perfect client for you.

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