With 7.6 Billion people on Earth, you must account for of all of the good that ever happened.

Your beautiful life is still at risk from outside threats.

Endless bureaucracy and opaque government decisions threaten your livelihood. When you watch cable news, you are not sure if opinion masks real facts.

You wake up everyday surprised that you are alive. We share your story of gratitude.

You realized a long time ago there was no such thing as apolitical media.

The bottom line

Media is all slanted by someone's hatred for entire groups of people.

You don't see news anchors judging others for the content of their character, just by the color of their skin. You were there when the US illegally invaded Iraq and militarized Space. You decided long ago that you will stop accepting the government's illusion.

You will be a part of a global network of friends:

  • Who want to examine the relationship between human rights and economic policies in the US and around the globe.

  • Where you can be yourself and pursue economic freedom.

  • Where you will control your destiny.

  • Where you will have the support you need to understand the issues affecting your livelihood.

Join for Free

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